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Digicell Ballin for lifeBelize District Basketball Association (BDBA)

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If it did nothing else at all, the participation and success, against all odds, of our national team at the COCABA  tournament in Cancun and the resultant outpouring of support our boys received points to the fact that within this beautiful jewel of ours, BASKETBALL is still the #1 spectator sports!

So it is no surprise that the BDBA has signaled the return of basketball at the highest level in the Old Capital.  This high powered association has been chugging the coffee and burning the midnight oil to ensure that come March 5th fans will once again experience the pure sensation of man and ball on the weary but ready wooden floor.

DigiCell Ballin for lifeThe City Center came alive on Friday March 5, when the “DIGICELL BALLIN’-4-LIFE” tournament commenced with the niceties.  Most, if not all, teams were there for the march around….so then Sir Dennis Jones, the night’s MC who also doubles as a critical member of the disciplinary committee, requested the Belizean nightingale, Ms. Melonie Gillett, to sing the national anthem.  She did it a capella!…all seven hundred of us stood up, listened in awe then made the fist loud noise for this, the rebirth of basketball…a standing “O”….big up Melonie…

Nigel Miguel had some words of wisdom for the ballers…old and new…male and female…and by the time the whistle blew for the monsta matchups of that night, the crowd inside the civic had swelled to a shade over twelve hundred…..thirsty for the high flying antics…the fast-paced acrobatics only the top ballers can bring……

March five saw three categories of ballers lining up on the hardwood for 2010 – a Male Open Senior, a Male 19 year & Under Junior, and a Female Open competition.  Nine Senior teams emerged; and unless you paid attention you may well think we had a national tournament goin’ on here! For they came from as far north as Corozal & Orange Walk, as far East as San Pedro and as far West as Belmopan….San Pedro Tigersharks from La Isla Bonita, Creative Graphic Design outta Suga City, UB Black Jaguars & Belmopan Bandits from the new capital.  Not to be outdone, the Ole Capital fielded EbonyLake, Brothers Habet Berger Boys,  Black Dynamite, Belize Bank Bulldogs and Jamborees.

But the junior ballers represented big time!….the Orange Walk Runnin’ Rebels and Burrell Boom Celtics were the only outta-towners lined up.  Hold-On SMART, the Belize Bank Bulldogs Jr. Boys, Ferrari, Ghetto Ballers, Rising Stars, Truckers and NHI totaled nine.  Then Youth Hostel Ballers made it an even ten…WOW!….basketball had come full circle for me…back in di day you would start your ballin’ career on the asphalt of the Youth Hostel basketball court pon fairweather street…playing unda-17 ball…

Three female teams emerged March 5…..but the glass is certainly half-full as far as we are concerned.  Maria Chang Eagles, team Sparks and some young diamonds-in-d-ruff lady ballers going by the name MysFits have been filling the bleachers each time any two of them takes to the hardwood.  This is just previews to coming attraction going into the 2011 female tourney…trust mi pon dat!

DigiCell Ballin for lifeAs an immediate testament of its commitment to the players, this BDBA took good advice from a cerebral mind and will provide in excess of $25,000.00 in cash and prizes to the first and second place winners of this year’s competition.  The Male Open Senior team that comes out of the big dance with the rights to brag as Champions takes home $12,000.00 cash and 15 gold rings! Second place gets $5000.00 cash and trophies.   The junior boys will receive their man size first and second place trophies along with their bragging rights and the opportunity to step up to the big leagues at their time of choice.  Similar love and attention will be paid to our fine ladies of the game.  It is the mandate of this BDBA to put women’s basketball on top shelf!  Just sit back and watch us do it.

Game plays every Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  As expected, the rust of a four year layoff started to show but continues to be quickly wiped away….some teams thought we were joking when we said “ball wha bounce inna 2010,” and they are now chasing the elusive “ball shape” any baller needs to “look good” pon di Civic…other teams couldn’t wait…..and it shows!…. some names you say…..!…

Darwin “Poppy” Leslie….Lennox “Flush” Bowman… Paul “Cool-n-Deadly” Swasey….Faron & Leroy Louriano….Winston “Air Jun” Pratt…Steven “Muerte” Williams… Ty Bradley…Ronald Rivers… Ernest “brickwall” Broaster…Keith “Supaman” Acosta….Mark “quickie” Bainton…Horris Patten…Kelvin “Kelly-B” Gillett…Greg “chippie” Rudon…Elsworth “Nathaniel Pou” Itza…Lloyd “Money” Leslie…Carlisle “Grabba” Barrow…Charles Thompson…Kendis Ferguson…Brian Luna…Zack Harris…Aubrey Lopez….Kirk “Chengo” Burgess…Lester Cadle…Doug Penland…

Then you sprinkle that list with some outta-towners….Richie Troyer…Judson Stubbs….Gene Myvett…Ivan Jackson….Richard Soto….will we see Sonny Watson, Lebois Gladden, Darwin Carter?…and lest we forget, we will see the likes of  Kirk “Shabba” Smith alongside upperclassmen like Darren “MVP” Bovell and Claude “too tall” Jones ballin-4-life this year….

Make no joke about it, the junior and female ballers are representing big time too; the next time I put pen to paper….their list will flow….So all that remains are YOU….the fans!  Every weekend the BDBA dishes up a serving of basketball brew inside da Civic by di riva….so pick your day and get all dressed up your way then come support…if not then just sit back, relax and turn your radio dial to KREM 91.1 FM, 96.5 FM, 101.1 FM and live streaming on the Internet as Evan Mose Hyde, E.J. Hill and Crew bring the Friday games to you live and in living color at 9:30 p.m.….the DigiCell Ballin’-4-Life 2010 Basketball Tournament …

“……its not just a game….its an experience..”


Written by Mark Usher, Public Relations, BDBA, (501) 610-0363

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