Flowers Bank has Oil…

cohune oilThe cohune palm is a well known source of oil in Belizean kitchens and was one of the most important trees in the Mayan culture.  Ancient civilizations used cohune oil for nutritional and medicinal purposes, as a moisturizer, in cosmetics and makeup, cooking, soaps, just to name a few.

Making cohune oil is hard work and not for the lazy. Flesh from cohune nuts are harvested, dried then pounded in a wooden bowl referred to as mortar and using a round-ended stick called a pestle. The pulverized cohune is put in a drum and then boiled until its fat floats to the top. That fat is scraped off then put into a smaller pot and fried until all water is removed. The finished product: golden cohune oil.

cohune oil story - picture 4It was the brainchild of the Flowers Bank Women’s Group to turn the production of Cohune oil which they do so well, into a business venture geared toward putting money back into the pockets of residents of the river valley area. The product will initially be sold locally, but big plans are in store to make Flowers Bank cohune oil reach the shelves of international supermarkets.

Written by Kimberly Timmons

About KREM
The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans. There was a New Orleans deejay I liked, by the name of Sister Love, and one day Rufus and his cousin, Sam Wiley, who was our host, showed me the building where the radio station which featured Sister Love was located. It was quite a modest, one flat structure, much smaller than the three story Albert Cattouse Building from where the Belize government monopoly station – Radio Belize – was broadcasting.

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