Roy Jeremy Belisle

Roy Jeremy Belisle, “RB” to his numerous nephews and nieces, celebrated his 100th birthday today, December 18, 2017. His children, and his numerous relatives, will agree that he has lived a full life. The man has aged like fine wine. If you ask him his secret, he’ll tell you that he says his prayers every night.

He’ll also tell you that he has a loving heart. RB is a man who loves taking a little whiskey with his friends. He loves the females, but he tells his nephews that he is accused of many crimes he did not commit. RB’s great love is the sea. He was a great sailor, and fisherman. Like all the really good ones, he can tell a story, with flavor.

RB, the uncle of the Amandala Publisher, now resides in Cotton Tree, at the home of his caretaker, Ms. Gloria Soriano. Throughout this week he’ll have no shortage of company, as a number of his children and grandchildren, from Belize and abroad, and many of his nieces and nephews will be dropping by, to fete. Happy Birthday, RB, from the Belisles, the Castillos and the Hydes. Keep saying your prayers at bedtime and don’t lose your loving heart.

Article courtesy AMANDALA


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